Differences between terraced house and semi-detached: Find the ideal home for you

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It’s common to hear terms like “attached chalet” and “semi-detached chalet,” but what exactly do they mean and how do they differ? As a company that builds chalets, we offer you a comprehensive guide to help you better understand these two types of homes and make an informed decision.

Attached Chalet

An attached chalet is a single-family home that shares one or more side walls with other homes. Often, these chalets are part of a continuous row of similar houses, creating a uniform appearance in the neighborhood. This type of construction is very common in urban and suburban areas, where space is limited and maximizing the number of homes is necessary.

Main Characteristics of an Attached Chalet

  • – Shared Structure: Shares side walls with one or more homes.
  • – Plot Size: Generally, they have smaller plots compared to detached chalets.
  • – Design: Typically have a similar design and structure to neighboring chalets.
  • – Accessibility: Close to services and urban amenities due to higher population density.


Living in an attached chalet has its own advantages that can make it an attractive option for many people.

Firstly, their reduced cost is a significant benefit, as they tend to be more affordable than detached single-family homes due to shared construction costs. In addition to being more economical to acquire, attached chalets also present lower maintenance responsibilities.

Moreover, the configuration of attached chalets fosters a strong sense of community due to proximity. This closeness is not only beneficial from a social standpoint but also contributes to the energy efficiency of the homes.


Despite their benefits, attached chalets also have certain disadvantages that should be considered.

One of them is the limited privacy due to the proximity to neighbors, which is also accompanied by shared noise typical of these types of homes.

On the other hand, there are also certain design restrictions that may limit customization options. However, this does not stop them from being a good investment option.


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Semi-Detached Chalet

A semi-detached chalet is a single-family home that shares only one wall with another home, forming a pair of adjacent chalets. This type of construction offers greater independence compared to attached chalets while maintaining some of the cost efficiencies associated with shared construction.

Main Characteristics of a Semi-Detached Chalet

  • – Shared Structure: Shares one side wall with a single home.
  • – Plot Size: Typically have larger plots than attached chalets.
  • – Design: Although they share a wall, designs can vary significantly between the two chalets.
  • – Outdoor Space: Generally have more private outdoor space than attached chalets.


Firstly, they provide greater privacy due to fewer shared walls. Although their cost is higher than attached chalets, they remain more economical than detached chalets. Additionally, semi-detached chalets allow for greater design flexibility, giving owners more freedom to customize and modify their homes.

Lastly, with fewer shared walls, semi-detached chalets face fewer noise issues from neighbors, providing a quieter and more comfortable environment for their inhabitants.


Despite the advantages, semi-detached chalets also have some drawbacks:

Firstly, their cost is higher than that of attached chalets, which can be a barrier. Additionally, maintenance costs tend to be higher, potentially increasing the total expense over time.

Another factor to consider is availability. Finding semi-detached chalets in certain urban areas can be less common, limiting options for those who wish to live in specific locations.

Comparison Between Attached and Semi-Detached Chalets

Ultimately, the choice between an attached and a semi-detached chalet will depend on your needs and personal preferences. If you seek a more economical option with a strong sense of community, an attached chalet may be ideal. However, if you value privacy and space more, a semi-detached chalet might be the best choice. Consider your priorities and lifestyle to make the best decision.

If you are interested in chalet construction, do not hesitate to contact us. At LEBA, we ensure that we are the right construction company for you.


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