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Coworking – Malaga Chamber of Commerce

This new space, located in the urban center of the capital, is presented as a dynamic, flexible and collaborative work environment, designed to accommodate entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to boost their projects in a connected ecosystem, where Leba as a construction company, we have been responsible for its rehabilitation and integral reform.

Malaga Dock Space, located on the first floor and mezzanine, offers capacity for up to 100 people, with training rooms, meeting rooms, flexible work spaces, breakout areas and access to a wide variety of additional services.

Despite the challenges inherent in the restoration of a listed building, we have managed to preserve and highlight the characteristics of the space while preserving the eighteenth-century architectural elements of the former Villalcazar Palace. In addition to improving accessibility through the installation of ramps, at Leba we have managed to recover for the Chamber the sequence hallway-patio of the palace, thanks to the team behind it.