Projects that make us
continue to grow


Discover the innovative transformation that ESIC has undergone with its comprehensive renovation that encompasses both the internal and external areas of the institution, elevating its functionality and aesthetics to new heights.

One of the highlights of this reform is the creation of the ESIC Alumni space. This new space has been designed to encourage alumni to connect with each other, providing a welcoming and versatile venue for meetings, events and networking. With careful planning and design, an inspiring environment has been created that promotes collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

In addition, the warehouse has been relocated to increase teaching space, providing students and teachers with an environment conducive to learning and interaction.

The renovation also included the creation of a new office through a vertical division. This addition has maximized the available space, providing a private and functional working environment for the administrative staff. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure comfort and efficiency in the performance of your daily tasks.

To improve accessibility and the overall experience, a new access has been implemented in the outdoor area. This new entrance has been designed with a combination of aesthetics and practicality, offering a welcoming and modern entrance that reflects the image and values of ESIC.