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Villa Bay

A single-family home designed to delight the senses, this residence is divided into two floors, offering a functional and elegant interior layout. On the upper floor, there is a spacious and bright living room, as well as a modern kitchen that invites culinary creativity. Meanwhile, on the pool level, the bedrooms are located, providing a quiet and cozy retreat.

This home is part of The Bay Collection, an exclusive set of villas that stand out for their avant-garde design and focus on open spaces and straight lines. Each villa in this unique collection exhibits a singular, contemporary style that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics.

A smart interior layout that separates the living room and kitchen on the upper floor, and the bedrooms on the pool level, each space has been carefully designed for comfort and functionality.

The Bay Collection is not only a home, but a work of architectural art that captivates those who observe it.