Considerations to take into account in facade rehabilitation

rehabilitacion de fachadas

Facade rehabilitation is an essential component in the management and conservation of buildings, playing a crucial role in preserving their structural integrity, functionality and aesthetics. This process not only seeks to restore the aesthetic appearance of the building, but also to address structural problems, improve energy efficiency and comply with local and regional regulations.

Facade rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary endeavor that involves the collaboration of architects, structural engineers, building materials specialists and construction professionals.

Therefore, in this Leba constructora article, we explain the aspects to take into account in the rehabilitation of facades, one of the parts of a building that deteriorates the most with the passage of time.

Rehabilitation of facades

When carrying out reforms, it is necessary to have experience and knowledge, so relying on a construction company like us can be very useful. Next, we leave you the aspects to take into account in the rehabilitation of facades.

Diagnosis of the condition of the facade

First, it is advisable to seek the opinion and assistance of a qualified professional, such as an architect or quantity surveyor, to assess the situation of that specific section of the building. This person will be responsible for identifying the work required and coordinating the actions of the team involved.

After a detailed diagnosis, the necessary measurements are taken on the façade and the technical documentation is prepared in order to draw up the estimate for the work. This step is crucial to understand the costs involved

Current legislation

When starting a work of this nature, it is essential to be aware of the current regulations related to renovations in the region. Permits required for renovation work may vary depending on the magnitude of the work or whether it is a façade with heritage or cultural value.

In Spain, for example, the Technical Building Code establishes specific guidelines for rehabilitation. It is essential to obtain the proper permits before beginning any work. Ignoring this step can lead to penalties and the need to reverse the changes made. According to data from the Ministry of Public Works, approximately 30% of rehabilitation works require special permits due to the location or historical value of the building.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider the current regulations when preparing the project, as these will define the legal requirements and permits required to carry out the intervention properly.

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Choosing the rehabilitation system

Certainly, here it is broken down into bullet points:

Exterior Thermal Insulation System (ETICS): Involves applying a layer of thermal insulation on the building’s exterior, reducing heat loss and enhancing energy efficiency.

Restoration of Historic Facades: Careful restoration for buildings of historical or heritage value, maintaining their historical and aesthetic integrity by repairing or replacing damaged elements.

Modern Coatings and Finishes: Options such as composite panels, glass, metal, or eco-friendly materials for contemporary buildings, providing durability and modern aesthetics.

Sustainability Considerations: Using recycled or low-impact materials, and techniques that minimize energy consumption for environmental sustainability.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Balancing the initial investment with long-term benefits like energy cost savings, durability, and increased property value.

Regulations and Compliance: Ensuring chosen systems comply with local construction, safety, and energy efficiency regulations, consulting experts and local authorities for legal requirements.

Scaffolding and occupation of public roads

When starting the rehabilitation of a building façade, it is often necessary to develop an additional project for the installation of scaffolding, although these works are often carried out simultaneously. It is also important to consider the impact on the occupation of public roads, as this work may require a separate specific license.

Material Selection

The material selection involves assessing mechanical, thermal, and aesthetic properties. Factors such as thermal expansion coefficients and durability under specific climatic conditions should be taken into account.

Rehabilitacion de fachadas

Safety during Execution

The implementation of safety measures involves adhering to specific regulations, such as Royal Decree 1627/1997, which regulates minimum safety and health provisions on construction sites. Certified scaffolding and personal protective equipment must be used, and a specific health and safety plan for the project should be established.

Budgeting and Planning

  • Local Cost Analysis
  • Resource Estimation
  • Contingencies and Reserves
  • Cost Management Software
  • Detailed Schedule
Do you need to rehabilitate your facade?
We can help you! We are a construction company ready to make your ideas come true, we are located in the province of Malaga, and we help you to realize innovative and high quality projects.

Continuous Supervision

Continuous supervision involves the application of structural monitoring technologies, such as strain and vibration sensors. Visual inspections and periodic thermographic analysis are essential to identify potential problems. At leba, we work closely with structural engineers where they make use of information technologies, such as BIM (Building Information Modeling), to ensure effective and continuous monitoring.


This has been all about the aspects to be taken into account in the rehabilitation of facades.

For this type of work, it is always advisable to have a team of experts. In our construction company in Malaga and Costa del Sol we are at your disposal to make your facade rehabilitation project a reality, do not hesitate to trust us!

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