Leba Constructora leads the conquest of Málaga’s Soho with the unique style of Er Pichi de Cái.

er pichi de cái

Discover the essence of Cádiz in the heart of Málaga with Leba Constructora.

The magic of Er Pichi de Cái has found its home in the Soho neighborhood of Málaga, and we, as a team of construction experts, have tirelessly worked to turn this dream into a reality.

From the beginning of the project, we have paid special attention to every detail to perfectly reflect the essence of Cádiz. Each step of the construction has been meticulously planned and executed by our team, using authentic materials that capture the spirit of Cádiz and architectural details that evoke the charm of the city.

Our collaboration with Er Pichi de Cái has been key to achieving an exceptional result. Working in close synergy, we have created a cozy and unique space that transports diners through time and the flavors of Cádiz.

We have dedicated our passion and expertise to ensure that the interior design of the venue is a true representation of the culture and gastronomy of Cádiz.

Discover the essence of Cádiz in the heart of Málaga thanks to Leba Constructora. If you liked our work, don’t miss out on our latest projects.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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