Leba fuels business growth in Málaga with Banco Santander’s arrival at Impact Hub’s third center

imapact HUB

At Leba Constructora, we have achieved a significant milestone in Málaga with the opening of a new coworking space on Hilera Street.

Meticulously creating a vibrant and functional environment that has attracted 200 technology employees from Banco Santander, further strengthening the collaboration between Impact Hub and this renowned financial institution. With impeccable finishes and attention to detail, the space created by our specialists offers an inspiring and high-quality environment for business growth in Málaga.

Our collaboration has been crucial to the success of these coworking spaces in Málaga. Since their arrival in the city, Impact Hub has opened three centers, each uniquely designed with Leba Constructora’s expertise.

The first center, near María Zambrano train station, became the home of Vodafone’s innovation center. Following its success, a second location was opened in Callejones del Perchel, which also experienced high demand. Now, with the launch of their third center on Hilera Street, Impact Hub and Leba Constructora demonstrate their ability to attract prominent companies like Banco Santander, providing them with first-class working environments.

As leaders in providing top-notch construction services, we have played a vital role in the success of these centers, offering comprehensive solutions and premium workspaces that meet the growing demand for high-quality office spaces in the city.

Leba, transforming effort into successful results.

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